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Classic Girl's favorite shoe brands

Primigi - From the time my little classic girl could walk she has been wearing Primigi. They are made in Italy and very well built with nice arch support, which is hard to find in children’s shoes. When my daughter was two-years-old she had Granny Smith green colored Maryjane Primigi, they were amazing. Every school year she chooses a new color. She has also had purple, pink, red, white, black and brown as well as enjoying a couple of pairs of zip-up boots. We find that patent leather lasts much longer than plain or metallic leather.

Hunter – You can’t beat Hunter rain boots. They come in many colors, so your child can be as unique as they want. They are tall enough as to not get their socks wet.

Block – This is the best brand we have found for dance shoes. Whether you are buying ballet, tap or jazz shoes you will not be sorry if you go with Block.

All the above shoe brands tend to be on the pricy side for children’s shoes; however, in the long run, you will save by having an exceptional quality that lasts twice if not longer than other brands. One pair of each brand will last my daughter the entire school year.

Happy Shopping…
Founder, Classic Girl Clothing
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