Classic Girl's favorite movies featuring Mary Poppins

Classic Girl's Favorites - Top 5 Classic Movies

1.     Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews, and Dick Van Dyke

We love all the teaching moments, such as Mr. Banks turning into a stand-up man and quitting his job, women getting the right to vote, and of course, we love all the beautiful music and dancing.

2.     My Fair Lady, Audrey Hepburn, and Rex Harrison

We adore Audrey Hepburn in this movie! The costumes, sets, and music are all amazing and of course, the storyline can’t be beaten. Who doesn’t enjoy the idea that anyone no matter how poor or uneducated can be mistaken as a princess?

3.     The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews

The singing and the scenery is so lovely. It is nice to see the captain follow his heart and choose Maria. Unfortunately, the topic of war does come up in this movie, so I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone under eight years old.

4.     The King and I, Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner

We love this unusual story. The singing, dancing, and acting are all amazing. My favorite aspect of this movie is the unlikely friendship between Anna and the King. In addition to the movie The King and I, we recommend the live musical.

5.     Funny Face, Audrey Hepburn, and Fred Astaire

This is one of my daughter’s favorite movies. Because she loves dresses and photography sessions.

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