Classic Girl as a character in a pink dress with pink bow

Getting to know Classic Girl...

There is a little bit of Classic Girl in every one of us. A Classic Girl tries to always be respectful and polite to others. She takes great pride in her appearance, no matter what the occasion. We all have off days now and then, however, a Classic Girl always tries to put her best foot forward. Many things show respect, such as being on time, being prepared, showing good manners, writing thank you notes, and wearing appropriate attire.

Classic Girl is starting a clothing line called, Classic Girl Clothing. Classic Girl Clothing offers quality, age-appropriate, traditional style clothing for today's little girl. We design and manufacture our little girl dresses right here in San Francisco, California. Our dresses are for anyone that wants to preserve the innocence of childhood, back to a time when little girls dressed like little girls every day not just on holidays. Classic Girl Clothing is about fun classic dresses that little girls love to wear.

I have carefully selected fabrics that are “wash and wear for easy care”. Often little girl dresses that need to be dry cleaned or ironed only get worn on special occasions. Since our little girl dresses are for everyday wear we made it a priority to make each and every dress easy to care for. We are confident you will enjoy our dresses.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about Classic Girl Clothing. 

Founder, Classic Girl Clothing


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