Vintage pink hats

How many hats can I wear in one day?

We just finished our first photoshoot. Wow, what a crazy and exciting day! Dresses and shoes everywhere. We ended up with over 14 looks. I was the designer, stylist, dresser, mom, set-up, clean-up and I made lunch for all.

Our photographer, Michael Van Auken, was awesome and had some great ideas. The day was such a whirlwind it reminded me of the type of adrenaline I had on my wedding day - kind of an out-of-body experience where you later try to remember did I do x,y or z, did I get a photo of everything? My intention was to take a behind the scenes photo of each look, well, in reality, I got about 6 out of 14.

When it was all over we went out to dinner, sushi of course, which is always my Little Classic Girl’s first choice. It was a fun dinner of reminiscing about our amazing day. I had such a hard time falling asleep that night, my adrenaline was so high, it was hard to relax. The next couple of days I was just wiped, luckily it was a mellow weekend.

It feels amazing to have our first photoshoot behind us. Now, we wait for the photos and then we get to choose which ones to put up on our website. And, of course, all I need to do is learn how to do this. Easy right? Something I have thought a lot about, but have no idea how to accomplish. 

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