Girl holding a booking while wearing CGC's blue seersucker dress

How to avoid a clothing fit meltdown

When your daughter has a favorite dress consider buying the size up before it is sold out. She will thank you next season when her dress no longer fits.

Recently we were packing for a trip to Florida and I suggested to my 11-year-old daughter to try on her dresses before packing them.  We would have had some major drama if I didn’t already have the next size on hand.

Last summer my daughter wore all our new seersucker dresses in Europe when she was a size 9/10. Well just before turning 11 years old we realized she is now a size 11/12. Luckily I planned for this moment and pulled her size before they sold out.

Unfortunately, she also needed new shoes but I didn't have time to order them before our trip. She needed the next size up in her sandals and ballet flats. Luckily it was Florida and flip flops were just fine because we were doing more swimming than walking. But as soon as we got home I ordered her new sandals and ballet flats.

So the moral of this story is to buy the next size up for your children when you have a chance because when you need them, it might be too late. 

Founder, Classic Girl Clothing
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