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Please read all the descriptions!

I recently bought something online for my daughter that I assumed would be machine washable. When I received the item, I discovered it was dry clean only. Bummer! And, we all know hand washing is always risky. Even so, everyday clothes should be machine wash…in my opinion. 

A customer recently wrote in the comments of purchase that the dress she was ordering was for a special occasion and she needed it within a short period of time. Since we don’t charge for ground shipping this customer thought it was important information. And yes, it is always important to communicate. If you have a certain time frame that you need to receive an item, please spell out the time frame.

However, I noticed that this customer lived in North Carolina and was ordering a flannel dress for an August event. I reached out to her to confirm that she understood the dress was flannel, she thanked me profusely and indicated that she did not read the description. She thanked me again and said the dress was cute and the style she wanted, but the wrong season and will order the dress in the winter when it is weather appropriate.

The moral of both these stories is to always read the descriptions.

Founder, Classic Girl Clothing



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