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September is a great time for goal setting!


We often think of New Year's as the time in our year to set goals and reflect on the past year’s achievements. Nevertheless, I’m inspired by the new school year as a time for goal setting and new beginnings.

Let’s set some goals for the new school year and get excited about new beginnings. I know I recently said I was sad about the school year starting, and it is true, I am. I wish my daughter didn’t have to grow up and didn’t have to go to school, but she does. One thing I’ve learned is while I do not like routine, I am better with routine. I’m more motivated and I get more done.

The thing about goals I often forget is a timeline. It’s easy to say, for example, I’m going to work out more, but to say I’m going to walk three mornings a week and play tennis twice a week, is a more specific goal and therefore more attainable.

Another helpful tip for goal setting is to have lovely calendars and journals to write in. Most people have a calendar that is January to December, however, I have an academic calendar which is June to June - I highly recommend it. It's great during the holidays when things are busy and you need to worry about switching calendars. Also, as the school year starts up and you are given many dates to put on your calendar for next year you don’t need to wait - you are ready to go. Let’s get inspired and set some goals!

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