Classic Girl Clothing blue winter dress for little girls

We have dresses!

It felt amazing to pick up the rest of our dresses from the factory. Sometime within the next week, we will have the dresses photographed. My little classic girl and I just styled all of the dresses and we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on.

I’ve been so focused on the dresses that I completely ignored how nontechnical I am and that I will soon need to post and sell our dresses online. Wow! For me, this is the intimidating part of starting this business. I have never used social media - managing this website is the most technical thing I have ever done. Oh, and did I mention, by mistake I recently deleted an entire blog post from July. Oops!

I have a lot of friends that have strongly suggested we use social media. Well, to say I’m not comfortable with it is an understatement. I’ve never used any of it, not Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. I think it scares me. When we started our blog last June I thought I couldn’t do it, well four months later and I’m still doing it.

So, last Friday my good girlfriend set us up on Twitter and Instagram. I don’t get it! I spent last Friday night going through my automatic suggested twitter followings, most were San Francisco news feeds, some fashion stuff and a lot of really weird stuff. I definitely don’t get the # thing. It kind of tripped me out, I could see people I knew on twitter because it somehow linked to my personal addresses.

By the way, I looked at my twitter yesterday and I had followers, yet I’ve never posted anything. Why would I have followers if I haven’t posted anything? Is it me, or is that just weird? It’s all weird. But, thank you for following me and I will start posting soon... 

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