Founder of Classic Girl's daughter in pink ski outfit

Work hard, play hard - That's Classic Girl's motto

We went skiing in Lake Tahoe last week for my daughter's Spring Break, and had a great time! Can you guess what my daughter's favorite color is? Lake Tahoe has so much snow this year and never looked so beautiful. Some resorts will be open for skiing through June and even the 4th of July.

Before we left for the snow, I was on overload with business and volunteer opportunities. I made a conscious decision to put my phone down for the trip, except for a few photos. I even offered to drive the entire way just so I wouldn’t feel tempted. Once we arrived I knew I was home free.  

I decided when it’s time to take a vacation, to really take a vacation and put my phone down. Trust me, it helps to be present to enjoy your family. It might sound old fashioned, but I remember vacations when my parents weren’t constantly distracted by their cell phones. We owe the same respect to our children - just something to think about.

Founder, Classic Girl Clothing
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